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Mi 4i Updated to MIUI 6 Global Developer ROM 5.7.31

I'm glad to announce that another global beta build is released for your device.  If you're already using the global build, just open Updater app and update. Or you can download the ROM here:



MIUI ROM Flashing Guide:

MIUI 6 Global Beta Build 5.7.31 for Mi 4i Update Highlights
[Data usage]

MIUI 6 Global Beta Build 5.7.31 for Mi 4i Full Changelog

Optimization- Adjusted One-handed mode title color (07-13)

Optimization- Optimized dial pad to work more smoothly (07-21)
Optimization- Optimized launching speed of dialing page (07-21)

Optimization- When adding new contacts in Global version, IM default icon became Skype(07-08)

New- All notification messages are collected into one folder (India) (07-15)
Fix- Blocked messages were not marked as read in Messaging list after viewing themin Blocked SMS folder (07-20)
Fix- Screen might flicker when Messaging app was opened (07-21)
Fix- Sometimes MMS could not be downloaded automatically (07-28)

[Lockscreen, Status Bar,Notification Bar]
Optimization- Display height of lockscreen notifications (07-08)
Fix- Sometimes, prevent misoperation panel appeared incorrectly (07-06)
Fix- Sometimes, pressing lockscreen notification did not lead to the correspondingapp (07-08)
Fix- Lockscreen notifications could not display dynamic icons (07-13)
Fix- Sometimes notification shade could not be pulled down (07-13)
Fix- 'Notifications' showed in top left corner for a moment after pressing 'Installedapps' (07-22)

Optimization- Optimized Camera backup prompt text (07-17)
Fix- Sometimes, local backup files could not be recognized on computer (07-17)

New- Added animation introduction for one-handed mode settings (07-06)

[File Explorer]
Optimization- Optimized prompt text when unsupported characters are used for renamingfolders (07-27)
Optimization- Improved stability when copying files (07-27)

Optimization- Optimized smoothness of swiping left/right in Monthly view (07-14)
Optimization- In event editing page, renamed the second Reminder as Reminder 2 (07-21)
Optimization- Optimized creating new events page launching speed (07-29)

Fix- Sometimes, keyboard showed in start page incorrectly (07-22)

[Clock / Calculator]
Optimization- Ascending volume interval was changed from 5 seconds to 2 seconds (07-08)
Optimization- Alarm clock max auto-silence time was changed to 10 minutes (07-08)
Fix- Sometimes alarm clock could not be turned off (07-08)
Fix- Stopwatch might keep the screen awake (07-15)


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