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Xiaomi Updated MIUI 6 Global Beta Build 5.7.3 for Mi 4i

This week another global beta build is released for your device. Are you ready?  If you're already using the global build, just open Updater app and update. Or you can download the ROM here:



MIUI ROM Flashing Guide:

MIUI 6 Global Beta Build 5.7.3 for Mi 4i Update Highlights

[Notification shade]
USB connection notifications now in Android default style

You can now pull down to check SMS syncing status on message list page

MIUI 6 Global Beta Build 5.7.3 for Mi 4i Full Changelog

Optimization - Animation effects of unfolding/unfolding T9 dialpad (07-01)

Fix - FC error or no response issue when calling back/replying messages to unknown numbers (06-26)
Fix - Marking unknown numbers might cause FC (07-01)
Fix - Birthday format displayed incorrectly for imported Exchange contacts (07-03)
Fix - Press repeatedly on a call log would cause to call this number repeatedly (07-03)

New - SMS syncing status will be displayed when pulling down on SMS list page (06-29)

[Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar]
Optimization - Use standard Android notification style for USB connection (06-29)

[Home screen]
Fix - Global search could rotate upside down when screen rotate was disabled (06-29)

Optimization - Do not allow to pull down to refresh again during the process of refreshing (06-29)

[Clock / Calculator]
Fix - FC error of customized clocks in some situations (07-03)

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