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Mi 4i Updated for MIUI 6 Global Stable ROM V6.6.5.0.LXIMICF

Hey MIUIers,

MIUI 6 Global Stable ROM V6.6.5.0.LXIMICF for Mi 4i has been released for public. Please go to "Updater" on your phone to check for updates. Or you can download the ROMs here:

MIUI 6 Stable (Global) ROM V6.6.5.0.LXIMICF for Mi 4i

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Changelog from Mi 4i MIUI 6 Global Stable ROM V6.5.6.0.LXIMICF to V6.6.5.0.LXIMICF
Fix - Charging notification light did not work (05-21)

New - Added flash notification light for incoming calls (Call settings - Incoming call settings - Flash when ringing) (04-23)
Optimization - Optimized answering button icon of Internet calls (04-21)
Optimization - SIM card activation status is displayed more accurately (07-01)
Fix - Data might not be connected if only one SIM card was inserted (07-01)
Fix - FC error when only one SIM card was inserted (07-01)

Fix - Add contacts to blocklist function disappeared (04-22)
Fix - Sometimes, search contacts function could not be used (04-22)
Fix - FC error after checking SIM card storage (05-12)
Fix - Contacts app might not respond after logging out of Xiaomi account (05-12)
Fix - FC error caused by using single quotation marks when searching (05-21)
Fix - Lagging/ FC errors when importing or deleting SIM card contacts (05-27)

New - Report junk messages feature (05-13)
Optimization - Optimized SMS conversation page UI style (05-12)
Optimization - Optimized contacts' namecard UI in messages (05-13)
Optimization - MMS delivery status can be updated more quickly (05-28)
Fix - Contact info in SMS displayed incorrectly after switching language (04-14)
Fix - Deleting audio messages might cause FC error (04-14)
Fix - Contact info at the conversation page top left corner might overlap (04-14)
Fix - MMS that were not sent could not be resent (04-14)
Fix - Unsent SMS could not be sent automatically after Airplane mode was disabled (04-24)
Fix - UI display error when editing message recipient (05-13)
Fix - Mi Band 'Vibrate for notifications' feature did not work after receiving a MMS (05-20)
Fix - Messaging app would stop responding if there were too many receipts when sending group messages (05-20)
Fix - Sometimes Slideshow messages could not be sent (05-27)

Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
New - Added hotspot icon in status bar when portable hotspot is enabled (05-19)
New - Added charging icon in status bar (05-19)
New - Support displaying virtual network operators' names (05-19)
New - Lockscreen music control (05-27)
New - Added unlocking gesture recognizing mechanism to avoid unlocking caused by misoperation (06-02)
Optimization - Launching speed of notifications managing page (05-27)
Fix - Sometimes, Gaussian Blur effect did not work when pulling down notification shade (05-12)
Fix - Sometimes, operator information displayed incorrectly for dual-SIM devices (05-12)
Fix - Sometimes Mi Band could not unlock screen (06-01)

Home screen
Fix - Icons disappeared when opening folders in Mi Space (04-16)
Fix - Home screen wallpaper was enlarged after OTA update (04-16)
Fix - Locking apps had error when entering Recents page for the first time (05-12)

Optimization - Timer is set to 5s by default (05-08)
Fix - Camera FC error sometimes (05-08)
Fix - Sometimes SD videos' previews were stretched (06-11)
Fix - Sometimes, HDR button displayed status incorrectly (06-11)

New - Sort music by name, date, and language in 'All songs', 'Offline', and 'Favorites' list (04-15)
Optimization - Added album names in music list (04-15)
Optimization - Album cover on playing page was set as small by default (04-15)
Fix - Volume would decrease if new songs were added to the current playing music list (04-15)
Fix - Lyric playing status was incorrect after skipping a song (04-15)
Fix - Listening to local music could choose streaming quality (04-15)
Fix - Part of playing page background was transparent (04-15)
Fix - Display error when entering playing page (04-15)

Fix - Sometimes, weather animations displayed abnormally (05-19)
Fix - Sometimes, city weather background was black (05-27)
Fix - Weather animation displayed incorrectly sometimes (05-27)
Fix - Sometimes raining animations did not change directions according to gravity sensor (06-02)
Fix - RAM leak caused by sharing weather conditions (06-02)

New - Added transition animation when connecting WiFi (05-21)
Optimization - Apps notification will not ring in Do not disturb mode (04-16)
Fix - Sometimes, incorrect WiFi password prompt did not show after a long time (05-21)

File Explorer
Fix - Files in WiFi router could not be opened (04-14)
Fix - Lagging issue when loading thumbnails (05-21)

New - Contacts managing feature (05-12)
Optimization - Support retrying if failed to download email content (05-12)
Fix - IMAP and POP3 accounts could not open zip type attachments (05-12)
Fix - UI error when using large font (05-12)

Optimization - Optimized address bar height (05-26)

Optimization - New events can be created without titles (05-14)
Fix - Editing reminders might cause Calendar to FC (04-21)
Fix - Sometimes, weather condition displayed incorrectly in Calendar (05-28)
Delete - Removed Dismiss button for events notification reminders (06-02)

Clock / Calculator
Fix - UI display error when using large font (05-19)

Mi Cloud
New - Alarm clock settings can be restored from Mi Cloud when switching to new devices (05-19)
Optimization - Optimized Mi Cloud settings page (05-19)
Fix - FC error in some situations (06-08)

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