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Download Redmi 1S Updated to MIUI 6 Global Developer ROM 5.7.16

Fellow Redmi 1S users,

Here comes another Global beta build update for your beloved device. If you're using Global beta build on your phone, just open Updater app, and you will find the update. 

Or you can download the full ROM files here and update:



MIUI ROM Flashing Guide:

MIUI ROM 5.7.16 Update Highlights
New - Added animated tutorial for one-handed mode settings (07-07)
New - Apps with high data reducing rate can now be recommended to be optimized to save data (07-07)
New - Mi Sound Enhancer now supports Mi Piston Youth Edition and Mi Headphones (07-14)
New - Cleaner supports deleting duplicate photos from Gallery (07-14)
New - You can now block numbers reported as scams / telemarketers / sales / harassment for particular times (07-14)

MIUI ROM 5.7.16 Full Changelog
Optimization - Adjusted One-handed mode title color (07-13)

Optimization - When adding new contacts in Global version, IM default icon became Skype (07-08)

New - All notification messages are collected into one folder (India) (07-15)

[Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar]
Optimization - Display height of lockscreen notifications (07-08)
Fix - Sometimes, prevent misoperation panel appeared incorrectly (07-06)
Fix - Sometimes prevent misoperation mode did not work (07-06)
Fix - Sometimes, pressing lockscreen notification did not lead to the corresponding app (07-08)
Fix - Lockscreen notifications could not display dynamic icons (07-13)
Fix - Sometimes notification shade could not be pulled down (07-13)

New - Allow downloading cloud album photos using mobile data (07-13)
Fix - Slowness in finding projection devices (07-13)
Fix - Incorrect album covers (07-15)

New - Support amr type music files (07-13)
New - Mi Sound Enhancer supports Mi Headphones and Mi Piston Youth Edition (07-13)
Optimization - Reduced Music app launching time (07-13)
Optimization - Reduced occurring times of 'Not enough memory' error (07-13)
Fix - High quality audios could not be downloaded (07-13)

New - Added animation introduction for one-handed mode settings (07-06)

Optimization - Optimized smoothness of swiping left/right in Monthly view (07-07)
Fix - Calendar might FC when several reminders rang at the same time (07-07)

[Data Usage]
New - Added the feature to recommend to optimize apps so that a large amount of data can be saved (07-03)
New - Data saver supports setting image compression ratio (07-03)
Optimization - Optimized RAM usage (07-03)
Optimization - Optimized daily data usage limit strategy for the last day of a month (07-03)
Optimization - Allow setting data usage limit for lockscreen notifications, and a threshold will be recommended according to the data plan (07-10)

New - Support blocking numbers according to the times it has been reported (07-13)

Fix - Inserted images width displayed incorrectly in Mi Note Pro (07-10)

[Clock / Calculator]
Optimization - Ascending volume interval was changed from 5 seconds to 2 seconds (07-08)
Optimization - Alarm clock max auto-silence time was changed to 10 minutes (07-08)
Fix - Sometimes alarm clock could not be turned off (07-08)
Fix - Stopwatch might keep the screen awake (07-15)

New - Support deleting duplicate photos from Gallery (07-14)



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