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Download & Flash Redmi 2

What's the difference between Recovery ROM and Fastboot ROM?
A: 1) To flash Recovery ROM, you just need to put the ROM file into your device's SD card root directory, and flash it in Recovery mode. Flashing Recovery ROM will not wipe your user data or the files in internal storage.
A: 2) To flash Fastboot ROM, you'll need to connect your device to a computer, and use ROM flashing tools. You can choose different fastboot script to decide whether to wipe data or not
Q: When should I flash Recovery ROM, and when to flash Fastboot ROM?
A: Normally you just need to flash Recovery ROM for regular update. If you want to wipe data to solve some bugs/issues etc., you should flash Fastboot ROM.

Q:Different MIUI versions explained: Developer/Stable/Ported/Local ROMs
A:Go to This Thread.

(Thanks to 
@meredithhan For the explaination of FAQs)

Required Files for Flashing MIUI ROM in Fastboot Mode :
Download the ROM you need to Flash (Global/China or Developer/Stable) and ROM Flashing tool (MI Flash).
Links for ROMs and Flashing Tool: -
Mi Flash Tool:  Download Here
Redmi 2 Stable Version (China) V6.5.2.0.KHJCNCD :-
Download Here
Redmi 2 Stable Version (Global) V6.5.3.0.KHJMICD :-Download Here
Global Beta Build ROM V 5.6.9 :- Download Here
China Developer ROM V 5.6.25 :-Download Here

Important: - Before flashing it is advised to take the backup of data and make sure that your phone battery is charged enough.

1. Download ROM from the above link (Which Oneyou Want to Flash) and extract it to Desktop.
Note: - Some users get error while extracting onDesktop Because there is space in the username of PC or the folder as shown.
The users should put the ROM In C Drive in a folder without spaces. E,g C:/ROM/MIUI
The Error shown when using space between foldername

2. Download flashing tool from the above link and install it.
3. Once installation is complete, Run MiFlash application

4. Click on browse

5. Select ROM folder from Desktop(From the location where ROM is saved)

Note: -The path of the ROM folder Should be like "C:\Users\Muzamil\Desktop\MIUI" Not"C:\Users\Muzamil\Desktop\MIUI\images"

The MIUI Rom folder should Contain the following files

6. Turn off the phone, press the Volume Down keyand the Power button at the same time to enter Fastboot mode, then connect the phone to a computer.

7. Press Refresh button to see you device in flashing tool.
After pressing refresh button you will see connected device.
Here You have 3 options to select.
Choose the options carefully as per your need:-
1. Flash_all:- Clears all the data of the built-in storage, clear all user data, please be careful!(Clean Install)
2. Flash_all_except_storaget:- Will erase all user data does not clear the built-in storage data.
3. Flash_all_except_data_storage:- Does not clear the built-in storage data does not clear user data
Note:- It is advised to take all personal data backup on PC/Laptop

8. Click on Flash and it will start process

9. Once flashing process completes

Device will automatically reboot. Reboot might take upto 5 minutes.

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