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MIUI Developers Worked Very Hard to Solve Android App Compatibility Issues

In MIUI we strive to get as many feedbacks regarding app compatibility as possible, either via the MIUI Forums, Weibo, mobile app et cetera, and we put great emphasis on these feedbacks, because some might be due to MIUI while some are the app's own problems and we can contact the developers for fixes and improvisation. It is with these feedbacks that we're able to understand where the problems are, and thus have a more humane MIUI.

Here's two examples of issues solved after MIUI fans provided feedback:

1. Abnormal immersive status bar behaviour, eg:


We all know that Android has a beautiful immersive statusbar feature since Android Kitkat which allows the statusbar to completely blend in with the app's colours, making the statusbar more lively and harmonic. This however requires native support from the app itself, thus MIUI strives to improve on and making more apps compatible with the immersive statusbar of MIUI. Regarding questions from users asking why MIUI still doesn't have immersive statusbar for apps while Android already has it, our answer is: We are making the apps compatible as fast as we can, and this also requires native support from the apps. Currently most apps are fully compatible already! (MIUI 6 based on Android L in Mi2/2S still has some compatibility issues)

2. Ringtone type display issues with certain IM apps, eg:


While using Mi 2/2S with MIUI 6 based on Android L, the beta team provided a feedback of a minor problem. Shown above on the left is a screenshot from QQ, where the notification sound is shown as being the theme notification sound while it actually is the system notification sound. Instinctively we thought it was a problem with MIUI, but after a comparison with stock Android L where the problem also exists, it is confirmed that it's the app's problem, thus we provided feedback to the development team of QQ.

MIUI fans all know that MIUI is a UI based on the Android OS, with extensive and heavy modification to provide a better and more humane Android experience. Android comes with a test standard called CTS (Compatibility Test Suite) to ensure app quality based on app compatibility.Android CTS is created to ensure developers will write up Android programs of high quality besides improving app stability. MIUI strictly obeys the test standard of Android CTS, with a team specializing in testing out every version of MIUI to make sure that all apps compatible with stock Android will be able to run on MIUI smoothly.

Unfortunately, due to Google's open-ness, the rising numbers of terminal industries and network companies, all wanting a slice from the mobile market, intensified the fragmentation of Android mobiles, causing the issue of poor compatibility of Android apps that brings to inability for normal installation, faulty processing and force closes in some phones, leading to major user dissatisfaction and increase in number of complaints. It is hoped that Android developers out there will continue to follow the strict standards of CTS regardless of Google's open stratergy and produce high quality apps. MIUI will continue to obey CTS test standards, amassing feedbacks from users via multiple sources and provide only the best user experience.

This is a message from the official MIUI Developers, I hold no responsibility or credit or anything regarding this.

Source in Chinese: MIUI Chinese Forums

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