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How to Uninstall multiple apps at once on your Xiaomi MI Smartphone

To delete multiple apps at once on your phone with MIUI, follow these steps :
  • Place two fingers on any home screen and pinch them together to switch to Edit mode.
  • Tap the apps you want to delete to put them to the taskbar.
  • Use 2 fingers to pinch the apps together on the taskbar.
  • Tap and drag them up to the Dustbin icon.
  • Tap Uninstall.
Tip: You can use the above technique to move multiple apps from one home screen to another home screen.
Note: The steps here were written for Android 4.2.2 on a Redmi (HM1W). If you’re having a different model of Redmi or other version of MIUI, there’s a possibility that the steps and screenshots will be different.
Hope this will help you guys to delete unwanted apps faster! Enjoy!

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