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Xiaomi Mi4 Windows 10 ROM available from June First Week

Xiaomi can be considered to be an enigma among those who are living in the US, since the company has just opened up an online store, but did not place their smartphones up for sale, selling only accessories at the moment. Having said that, it is interesting to note that the Xiaomi Mi 4 Windows 10 ROM is said to be rolling out later this 1st of June – which is just a couple of days away, actually.
It was in March that Microsoft obtained Xiaomi’s approval when it comes to developing and rolling out a compatible Windows 10 ROM for the hugely popular Chinese flagship. As Xiaomi has not yet participated in the project and has not endorsed it, they still intend on offering Mi users the opportunity to enjoy rich ROM options.
Microsoft has been collaborating with a user group in order to deliver Windows 10 to to the Xiaomi Mi 4 device, and it looks as though things are about to be completed and wrapped up soon.Microsoft’s Xiaomi user group has even announced that the Mi 4-compatible Windows 10 ROM is touted to be out for download in a couple of days’ time, and if you happen to own a Xiaomi Mi 4, you are more than welcome to give the new ROM a go.
Source: wmpoweruser 

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