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Mi Smart Weight Scale : Unboxing

Today i am going to bring you all to have a look on the newly launched Mi Smart Weight Scare ! Xiaomi launched something beyond our imagination again by launching the Mi Smart Weight Scale. This product is launched under HuaMi company which produce our Mi Band. Without hesitation let pictures speak the words.

Dimension: 300mm x 300mm x 28.2mm
Weight: 1.9Kg
Colour: White
Material:Ultra durable Tempered Glass
Weight range:5Kg - 150Kg
Unit:gram 、kilogram、pounds ( can be choose as you wish)

As usual this Mi Smart Weight Scale is packed in the recyclable box with Mi Logo in the middle

Some precaution when handling Mi Smart Weight Scale. I am sure you guys know the icon well !

Mi Smart Weight Scale can be used on device which operating on Android 4.4 above and IOS 7.0 above. It also connect using bluetooth 4.0

Hohoho it's coming out !

Dang, here it is ! Our Mi Smart Weight Scale. Look like Mi box uh....

Mi Smart Weight Scale is operate using batteries.

A very neat and stylish weight scale i would say..

We have rubber stand on the corners and on the middle is the place we insert batteries

They are using grey colour on the wording and there is an unknown QR code (somebody try and scan it ! )

After batteries were inserted , the display will shows "HELLO' to welcome you !

Then you can on your phone and head to Mi Fit app

Then it will ask you to stand on the weight scale and the first record was taken. They will notify you if there is update.

BMI will be calculated as well.

Then you may start using the Mi Smart Weight Scale without on-ing the Mi Fit app. It will store your record up to 800 times and sync once you connect your phone.

Mi Smart Weight Scale can differentiate family member's weight as well provided their weight are not similar.The Smart Scale can track up to 16 people as you can program it to track each individuals progress.

According to Xiaomi, Mi Smart Weight Scale can even detect the weight of water.Lets try it ! The water is weighed at 0.55kg= 1.1lbs

The weight before the water was placed.

The weight after the water was placed.
132.7 lbs - 131.lbs  = 1.2 lbs
IMPRESSIVE isn't it ! The deviation is so small and the reading is accurate !

Still can't get picture of this weight scale? Let's compare it with Mi 10400maH powerbank. So don't be afraid of falling off when using this Mi Smart Weight Scale

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