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How did Lei Jun build up his Xiaomi empire ?

Xiaomi has been founded for 5 years since 2010. From then onwards,  Lei Jun's name appearing more and more frequently on the media and the company is evaluated as $ 45 billion. All of us know that Xiaomi just celebrated his 5th birthday and of course this little bunny is still a young company. But it does not prevent it from becoming the world's highest valuation technology innovation company. 

How did Lei Jun build up his Xiaomi empire ?

1. Mi Note pro: Set the golden standard of Android smartphones

Mi Note pro: King of Android!
Not joking, Mi Fans brought their tents and spent the night at Mi Home just to grab Mi Note Pro as soon as possible !

On May 12 which was around 2 weeks ago, Xiaomi launched their latest flagship King of Android smartphone Mi Note Pro. During this event, Xiaomi sold this flagship smartphone via Mi Home too for the first time.  Normally you can only get Xiaomi products from their official site. There were 3,000+ fans queued and waited for few days, some of them even brought their tent and sleep inside the tent. Meanwhile, the pre order for Mi Note Pro also exceeded 1 million. 

2. Global support from 100 million MIUI users worldwide

Lei Jun:  Based on statistics earlier of the year, we are glad to know that there are more than 100 million MIUI users which means there are 100 million+ people are using our operating system MIUI. I expect we will sell 80 million to 100 million of Smartphones later in this year. I always say that we are a mobile internet company but we are unique because we combine 3 aspects together that is hardware, software and the internet. In China, Xiaomi tops the smartphone market, third in E-commerce and ranked fifth in the Internet.

I think our achievements are 10 times greater than my expectation. Last year we were the top China smartphone manufacturer and ranked fifth in global market. Last year's revenue also managed to reach 74.3 billion yuan, so this year i think it's possible to hit our 100 billion goal. Five years ago, everyone looked down on me and told me that my dream to found a company that compete with Samsung and Apple (during that time this 2 brands owned the smartphone market) was not realistic and unachievable. Well, I don't see it this way and I will not give up. Our team is built up by those who have the same dream.They are all elites from the world's well-known companies such as Google and Microsoft.

3. Not only Mi phones, it is the smart home idea that matters. 
Lei Jun's Xiaomi empire has grown from mobile phones, televisions to smart home appliances.Almost everything in our daily life are related to Xiaomi. We have Mi Smart Weight Scale, Mi purifier Mi Socket, Mi Band and so on....... On May 8, Xiaomi officially launched a money-market fund calledHuoqibao inside a new standalone app called “Xiaomi Finance".It's not fully online yet and still in beta stage. Their aim is to become the main platform in China in 3 to 5 years time. All this Xiaomi ecosystem makes the value of the company rise from 10 billion USD to 45 billion USD in just 16 months !

The popular Mi band and Mi Smart Weight Scale are products from one of the company Xiaomi invested.

How many of you know that Mi powerbank is actually not produced by Xiaomi despite there is a Mi logo there ?

See our big boss's charming smile

4. Build a mobile Internet platform
Lin Bin : We want to sell our good hardware products to our customers so that it can form a mobile Internet platform. In this platform we will provide users with a lot of value added services. In fact, i think after we produce a good smartphone, capable of laying out a mobile Internet platform also equally most important. From two years ago, we plan to invest in 100 new startup hardware company, up to now we already invested in 39. Xiaomi ecosystem has become an important part besides our phone. Now, we also managed expand to 7 countries and India is our main focus. Besides our market go globally, Lei Jun is also famous as well as his face constantly appear on the "Wall Street Journal", "Time", "Forbes" magazine. 

5. Build high-tech products
From the day we founded Xiaomi, our main objective is to make a good product. Until now we still do not change and forget our objective. China products are often labeled and equate with low quality product. Everything we heard about made from China are bad. We hope that in the future China brand products is no longer synonymous with low quality and it face it should be high quality design and synonymous with high-tech products.

Lei Jun: I have a dream that I hope Xiaomi products can change people's perspective about products from China. I believe in the future we will be remembered that we are the one who led to China's industrial restructuring.


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