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Xiaomi Breaks its own Sales Record, New Guinness World Record for Most mobile phones sold on a single online platform within 24 hours

Xiaomi Breaks its own Sales Record
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Xiaomi today written a alltime new record in sales, that never beforehappen and no one can achieve. As we knew, Xiaomi completed five years on April6th. On that eve today on 8th April held its Fan Festivalaround Globe.
On the eve, Xiaomi breaks its last year’s sales record and established a big new record. This record shows the route towards to get eligible to Guinness Book of World Records also.

This is the present record

On Xiaomi fan festival Xiaomi bagged 2.08 billion yuan (equalsUS$ 335 Million)  by capturing 3.05 million total orders, with in the span of 12 Hours. Actually company sales crossed its last year recordafter 8 hours from salse starts.

This is an all time record in sales. Really it’s a great record. Congrats to Xiaomi team and Cheers to Mi fans.
Today, it is really an exciting day, In Xiaomi fan festival, the only regret is even after stocking a large number of products, still lack observed. For next year some improvement, we will make. Thanks again for the support my friends!
- Lei Jun, CEO, Xiaomi
Mi Students (staff) have worked hard.  Ebullient performance they seemed. Youth, did a hard work. Thank you all- Lin Bin, President, Xiaomi
Congratulations, Xiaomi broke his own record! Everyone was amazing! Xiaomi overseas fans also contributed in this. We must continue to work to break more records. 
- Hugo Barra, Vice President, Xiaomi
This is the last year's all time record

On8th April, 2014, in its fourth fan 1.3 million Smartphones were sold, earning the revenue of 1.5billion Yuan or an estimated US$242 million.

Here is the Big data
YearOccasionSales (Units)  Revenue (US$)Time span
20155th  Fan Festival1.9 MillionUS$ 305 Million (Aprox)8 Hours (up to 7 pm)
20155th  Fan Festival2.04 MIllionUS$ 323 Million (Aprox)12 Hours (Till 10.00)
20144th  Fan Festival1.3  MillionUS$ 242 Million12  hours

Finally after realizing all sales records the record salse doubled than last years Fan Festival
YearOccasionSales (Units)  Revenue (US$)Time span
20155th  Fan Festival3.05 MillionUS$ 342 Million (Aprox)Finally

Totally on 8th April 2015- Eve of Fifth fan festival - the record of salse noted as..
@ The total number of orders made 3.05 million
@ Total sales revenue reached to 2.08 billion Yuan (equals US$ 342 Million)
@ Total 2.12 million units of phones sold.
@ 770,000 Units Intelligent Smart Appliances sold off
@ 39,000 Units of Xiaomi Mi TV Units sold.
@ 190 Million yuan(equals US$ 274 Million) Revenue through Accessories.
@ 500,000 units shipped on the same day
46.6 % payments accounted via mobiles
@ During the period of 12 hours

Courtesy: Weibo

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