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What is " Mi Global Premiere " in New Delhi exactly is about ?

 i is coming with Mi tomorrow. Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi has arrived in New Delhi, with Hugo and Bin Lin, preparing for the Mi Global Premiere. 

Before the exciting moment comes, we'd like to share the important updates with you guys. Read the thread carefully to get a good grasp of the essential information. 

Mi Global Premiere in New Delhi
Time: Thursday, April 23at 2:30pm - 6:00pm in UTC+05:30 (Tomorrow · 102°F / 74°F Clear)
Venue: Siri Fort Auditorium, Asian Village Complex, August Kranti Marg, New Delhi 110049

Live Stream:  i is coming

MIUI Forum Live Update
We will open a thread updating the exciting moments of the premiere tomorrow.Please stay tuned.

What is i?
Are all screens of the same size the same?

Bigger battery means bigger phone?

Are all phones made with the same care and quality?

Does every flagship phone feel good when you touch it?

Do all flagship phones fit comfortably in your hands?

What did you see in the teasers Xiaomi posted above? Is it coming with a bigger battery? Or you feel smoothness when you touch it? Let us count down the seconds together. 


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