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Xiaomi is selling accessories through its own website

When Xiaomi entered India, it teamed up exclusively with Flipkart to sell all of its products via flash sales. They also had an official website for India, but it was more of a placeholder with just a link to Xiaomi India’s Facebook page. The website has since evolved, with specs and details of all the product launches, and the latest development is that the company has now begun selling accessories on the website as well.
This falls in line with previous reportage indicating that the company plans to sell all its products through its own online store in the future. Currently, is selling earphones, back covers and flip covers for all its smartphones that have been launched in India. Additionally, the company is also selling its Mi Power Bank via its official website.
At the time of filing the story, the accessories were simultaneously on sale via Xiaomi’s India website as well as Flipkart. It has yet to start selling smartphones via its own website, and for now they are only available via Flipkart.
Speaking of which, next week the Xiaomi Redmi 2 will go on sale via Flipkart for the first time, priced at Rs 6,999. Registrations for the March 24 sale are underway, and to be able to grab the device, it is imperative to register on Flipkart. Furthermore, the company will also start selling its Mi Pad on Flipkart next week, but you won’t need to register for the tablet.

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