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The long awaited MIUI 6 for Redmi 1S update is finally under testing !! 50 beta tester required !

Beta Testing
10:40, Mar-27-2015
MIUI English Forum
741 applied
18:00, Apr-01-2015
The long awaited MIUI 6 for Redmi 1S is finally here! If you want to get your hands on it first, apply here now!

*Please note that this is the China ROM (both Chinese and English supported), not Global ROM! It contains some Chinese elements, and doesn't include GAPPs*

As it's closed beta version, there're still many bugs. It's kind of risky to flash it.
Please think carefully before applying. Thanks!

1. You need to have a Redmi 1S W/C version
2. Your MIUI English forum credits should be over 50
3. You need to report bugs in this forum
4.  Please don’t leak the rom package before the official release. Otherwise, you will be removed from the beta team immediately

1. Read permission: 89
2. Access to MIUI daily updates
3. Priority of joining MIUI official activities
4. Special forum rewards and medals

The reason why we want 50 credits is that we want to give more chances to active users in this forum. Applicants with more credits are preferred to be beta testers. If we can't find enough users with enough credits, we'll consider those with less credits. It's easy to get credits by posting threads and replies in the forum. Hope you understand.

Current special team members (
Moderators/Beta Team members/Porting Team members/Resource Team members/News Team members/Device Team members/App Review Team members/Writers Team Members) don't have to apply again, you'll have access to Redmi 1S's daily builds if you have the device. 

If you want to test MIUI 6 for Redmi 1S, please click the Apply button to apply. Please tell us if you've got any experience regarding this job while applying, and give us enough reason to pick you. 50 testers will be selected on April 1, 2015 (Beijing Time) !!


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