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Its Official : Xiaomi is the biggest Smartphone maker of China in 2014

IDC announced the 2014 4th quarter market research data of China today.  And the data shows thatXiaomi acquired 13.7% of the market share in China, and tops the chart as the biggest Smartphone maker in China in 4th quarter 2014!  Apple, Huawei, Lenovo and Samsung are ranked from second to fifth respectively.  According to the data of the number of smartphones shipped, Xiaomi is also the biggest smartphone maker in China in Year 2014 with an impressive 12.5% market share!

IDC data also shows that there is an increase of 2% in the same quarter, with the number of shipped smartphones reaching 10.75 million sets.

The reasons why Xiaomi emerges as the biggest smartphone maker is because Xiaomi manufactures quality phones and sells them at low cost to the mass market.  Besides that, their marketing method of flash sales is also one of the factor in helping them get to the top.

Apple started selling their iPhone 6 and 6 plus only in the last quarter of 2014, and that propelled them to second in the ranking.

Huawei did well in the budget phone arena with a variety of choices for consumer to clinch third position in the same quarter.

Lenovo rolled out their sub USD$150 smartphones to reach 4th position.

Samsung suffered a drop in ranking to the 5th position with stiff competition from Xiaomi and other smartphone makers in the budget phone category.

IDC Senior Analyst Tay Xiaohan commented: "Despite the cut in subsidy of 3G smartphones by most telco operators in China, there is still an increase in the sales of smartphones in the last quarter of 2014.  This is mainly due to the strong interest and sales of 4G smartphones.  Besides that, the ever increasing popularity of consumers purchasing smartphones directly from JD and Tmall also contributed to the upward sales trend.  Last but not least, Apple also contibuted with the release of their phablet." 

In 2014, China saw some 42.07 million sets of smartphone sold.  The increase in sales was especially significant in 4th quarter at 19%, truimphing 3rd quarter of only 11%.

IDC forecasts the Year 2015 to have a sales increase of about 10% in China, with a possibility of even higher increase!

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