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Download Mi PC Suite (Mi Phone Manager)

Your calls have been heard, and with this thread comes the great news of the release of the official English Mi PC Suite (MiPhone Manager). It's been long since the first request came up, and on this special day your wish finally came true!

Here's the installation and preview of it. Are you excited already?

The installation includes some animations to kill the boredom

Here's the homescreen of it! Looks familiar right?

Under My Devices, there'll be several tabs on the right that allows you to change/access files from your phone.

How bout playing some music from your phone?

Oh, how 'bout some SMS texting right from your PC? Yes, you heard it right. Same function present on the Mi Cloud.

Maybe access files from your phone using the Explorer?

New idea came up and you want to take down a note? Do it right from your PC!

Wait, did I tell you that you can control your phone from your PC?

The long wait is finally over! Feeling relieved for the first rain after the long draught? Finally the need to replace files have come to an end! What do you think about this release? Will it be of help to you? Join in the poll below and share your thoughts down in the comments section.

Well, if you're reading this as the first sentence from the whole thread, I'm feeling very sad that you didn't even read my text and watch the graphics after all my effort poured into it. Never mind, here's the file:

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