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Different MIUI versions : Developer/Stable/Ported/Local ROMs explained

If you're new to MIUI, you may be confused by all the different versions of MIUI ROMs, and probably afraid of flashing one of them. 

Here I'll give you a quick walk through of all the ROM versions, and hope this will make it clear for you. 
You can find all official ROMs and many unofficial ROMs here:

In that page, you may find some devices have Stable ROMs, Developer ROMs, and Ported ROMs

Some have Stable ROMs and Developer ROMs

Some only have Stable ROMs/Developer ROMs/Ported ROMs

What are the differences between these ROMs?
  • Stable ROMs and Developer ROMs are all made by MIUI Official

  • Developer ROMs are updated every week (except for special occassions like Chinese national holidays), and they will get bug fixes and new features in every update
Developer ROM versions are named after the date of its release. E.g. the update released at June 13, 2014 is named 4.6.13

  • Stable ROMs are updated once a month/two months/even longer. They don't have a regular update frequency
You could use the stable version if you are not eager to experience new features, and don't have much knowledge about flashing your phone etc.

  • Ported ROMs are made by unofficial developers. Most of them are updated every week like the developer ROMs and are also named after their dates of release

You can find more ported ROMs here and here

Also there're full ROM pack and Incremental ROM pack (better know as OTA pack)

  • Simply put it, full ROM pack is larger in size than incremental ROM pack 

  • Full ROM pack includes all the apps & services in a ROM, even those haven't changed in a update

  • Incremental ROM pack only includes the apps & services that have changed in a update

  • Normally you only need to flash the incremental ROM pack for a update. But if you're flashing MIUI ROM for the first time, you'll need to flash the full ROM pack. You could also fix some problems in your device by flashing the full ROM pack
For Xiaomi Mi2/2S, Xiaomi Mi3, and Xiaomi Redmi 1 there are more ROM types 



Here are their differences:
  • TD ROM can only be used on TD version phones. TD version phones only support Chinese 3G networks, so they're not sold outside China

  • WCDMA ROM can only be used on WCDMA version phones. WCDMA version phones support 3G networks outside China, and you guys should buy this version of Xiaomi phones if you want to buy one some day
  • As Xiaomi is expanding to international markets, we've made different ROMs for devices sold in different countries. Therefore there are WCDMA Taiwan, WCDMA HK, WCDMA Singapore, WCDMA Malaysia, and the list will grow through time. 
* These ROMs have removed some apps/services meant for Chinese users, and added Google services and apps &  some other apps/services unique to the targeted country 
International devices can flash the Chinese WCDMA ROMs, and Chinese WCDMA devices can also flash the international ROMs

Have questions about MIUI ROM? Check this:whats-difference-between-recovery-rom

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