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Xiaomi Schedules US Event on February 12; May Home gadget introduce

Xiaomi, a Chinese company that is less than 5-years old and is already in several lists of top five smartphone manufacturers globally, certainly knows how to be in the news. This time around, the company has announced an event in San Francisco next week on Thursday.
Unfortunately, nothing is certain about what Xiaomi has planned for the February 12 event in the US, and much speculation thus far has centred around no big announcements for the US. But According to Android Police, Xiaomi's current President Lin Bin and Global Vice President Hugo Barra will be present at the event.
Also, if a Xiaomi PR representative's words (via Android Police) are to be believed, the company will definitely not launch any device.
"We can also confirm that Xiaomi will not be launching in the US or entering the US market this time, but this is an opportunity to get to know the company and leadership a bit more," said Xiaomi's PR representative.

Source: NDTV

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