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(Tutorial ) How to ON Completely Dead Mi3 -

writing this article in an attempt to help unlucky users with the one of the biggest issues you can face with your Mi3 (apart from drowing it or dropping it from 10ft height). That issue is a bricked device with no access to recovery to fastboot mode. In such situation, the traditional methods of flashing a new ROM via fastboot or recovery will not help you. As your device is practically dead and has locked you out of fixing options. Its safe to say, your device is screwed. But fret not, I am here with the solution to your problem.

In case, your device is out of warranty or going to a service center is not an option, you can follow this tutorial to fix your device.
  1. I am not responsible for any damage or any losses that may arise by following the steps mentioned in my tutorial. So if you blame me later, I will just put on my headphones and listen to Rock Music.
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However, if you do follow the steps correctly, you should be well and fine and nothing would happen to your device.

You should follow this tutorial if you have a dead Mi3 facing one or all of these issues -
  • No Charging LED.
  • No access to Fastboot or Recovery mode.
  • Not detected in PC.

Getting Ready For The Procedure:

You will need the following to complete this unbricking -
  • A thin small copper wire or a tweezer. (should be a good conductor)
  • A PC running Windows Operating Sytem- Win 7 or XP preferred. (NOTE- press f8 and disable windows driver signature verification while booting windows. Skip this if using XP)
  • MI FLASH latest version v2014.05.09 (older version has MPRG.HEX field which isnt applicable because nor fastboot rom has .MBN support).
  • Fastboot ROM. Download link for both is provided at end of thread. (NOTE- You need to reply to this thread in order to view the download links)
  • You need to Teardown your Mi3. Meaning you have to open the device completely. For a full teardown tutorial, You can refer to this thread - Mi3 Teardown.

  • Mi3's Motherboard-
Take a careful look at Mi3's motherboard in the image below. I have marked two contact points on the motherboard with circles and even added arrow in case you miss it

These are the two contacts points for which we have opened up the mi3. Now, carefully, take the wire and short/connect/touch the two ends of the wire with the two golden contacts points. make sure that the connection is good as it needs to stay like that for the rest of the flashing procedure. Also make sure that the battery is disconnected before this step. Take a look at the image below to get an idea of what you need to do.

Now follow these steps slowly and carefully. Do make sure you are reading properly, taking the steps one by one and not missing anything. ( sorry for being so naggy but I want to make sure even newbies can follow this procedure) -

  • Make sure the two ends are connected to the two contact points
  • Open MIflash Tool, click on browse button.
  • Select Advanced.
  • Select ONLY "FLASH ALL.BAT" (for complete new system) or "Except DATA STORAGE.BAT" (for saving the user DATA) ---[ BETTER DO FLASH ALL ] from the extracted FASTBOOT ROM , in FASTBOOT SCRIPT OPTION.
  • Now leave the second option BLANK [ Nv boot script ]
  • Now browse and select proper files from image inside fastboot rom folder folder for MSIMAGE.MBN , MPRG.MBN , RAW0 programming.XML and Patch0.xml in appropriate options
  • now browse and select proper files from image inside fastboot rom folder folder for MSIMAGE.MBN , MPRG.MBN , RAW0 programming.XML and Patch0.xml in appropriate options
  • Connect the device to pc (with the wire inserted in small holes and battery removed )
  • Drivers will install , let them finish
  • Press refresh On Mi flash , if you get a device as anything "0" or "324ehvh2" or just COM # --- JUST PRESS FLASH BUTTON
  • The phone is now being flashed , after operation completed , remove the wire , connect the battery , assemble phone and boot (if mi logo come your phone is fixed )(if battery discharged it will not boot - put it on charge if red led blinks - it means phone fixed)
  • If some driver fails during installation or you dont see any device on miflash , check device manager for any driver not installed properly and install it manually and browse the driver from /programfile/xiaomi/miflash/qualcomm/ "here" .
  • If miflash gives some error like reached end of fie, receive Hello packets, give the pc a reboot , but be sure to again press f8 and disable driver verification. Is still problem persists, do try another pc running XP or windows 7.
  • If you cannot detect any new hardware device installation or no device on miflash , make sure the wire are connected well in side the hole and the protective layer of paper/plastic over the test point is removed by scratching. Then repeat the steps again.
  • If you face any problem with driver installation - make sure you disabled driver signature detection while booting windows by pressing F8.
  • If problems persists try contacting me ;)

Images of MIFLASH:
You can refer to this images in case you are confused about the steps needed to follow MIflash-

  • Open your Miflash tool

  • From the Miflash tool click browse and select the "Image" folder from the ROM extracted in C:/ drive. Dont extract in desktop :/

  • Now click on browse button again and select the fastboot script and other relevant fields like in the image below.

  • Now once done, connect your device via the USB cable and click on refresh. Your device would be detected. (provided you have installed drivers previously, if not install now).

  • Once detected, click on flash and flashing will start. Wait untill the green progress bar is completed. Flashing is now complete. remove wire, connect battery and re-assemble your phone. If everything done right, Mi logo will appear and device will boot.

Download Links:

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