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How to Remove Scratches from Phone

Is your phone affected with some minor scratches that is giving you trouble with visibility? Well, it needs some cleaning in a way that the scratches are completely removed. No, you don’t need to change your phone’s display or go for a scratch guard change. You just need to apply fine techniques and get your phone back in shape. Here are some of the tips to remove scratches from phone.
Note, you will need to power down your phone, remove the battery and seal the ports of your phone with tapes before you begin the process of cleaning.
Cleaning with Toothpaste
Your first tool to help you remove scratches is nothing but a tube of toothpaste. Don’t look so surprised. You just need to pull out a dab of the paste using cotton, and apply it along the areas that have received the scratches. When you begin rubbing gently, after a point you will notice the scratch is going off. Now using a dampened cloth, remove the toothpaste sticking to your phone.
Using Scratch Removal Creams
You will find a lot many car scratch removal creams like 3M scratch, turtle wax etc. that you can use to get rid of the scratches on your phone. Make sure you take the cream out on a soft cloth and then dab it across the screen of your phone.
Sandpaper Scratch Removal Technique
Well, this is not the generally opted technique for scratch removal, but it definitely works. Make sure you use the less abrasive varieties of sandpaper when using it to clean off the scratch. Don’t be too hard on your phone. Press the sandpaper gently along the scratches present on the phone. If you are too harsh or hard, you may damage the screen totally.
Use of Baking Soda
One of the best tips to remove scratches from phone is to use baking soda. Dilute baking soda in water to form a thick paste. Now take the paste on a piece of cotton and rub it along the phone’s display gently. Wipe with a dampened cloth, and see a scratch free phone.
Scratch Free Phone with Baby Powder
This is another interesting way of getting rid of the scratches from your phone. Add water to baby powder to make a thick paste. Now apply the paste along the scratches of your phone gently. Clean the powder with a dampened cloth and there your phone’s scratches have finally bid a good bye
These techniques have been tried and tested and are definitely applicable for minor scratches.

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