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will Xiaomi Reach Top 1 Spot in Smartphone World with resent Mi Note ??

XIAOMI - A Startup in Smartphone World with just 4 years of age! Till few months ago, not many people know about this China's Smartphone giant. Now, Xiaomi is world's 3rd largest Smartphone selling company and is becoming popular for its low cost device but with premiuim in quality.  Now it is selling it's devices in 5 countries along with China.  From, the very start onwards, each and every product of Xiaomi had sold out like hot cakes in every country it launched. Recently launched Redmi 2 got about 18 Million Pre-Orders in just 24 hours. This shows, how people are liking the products of Xiaomi. Xiaomi is growing huge in Smartphone markets with it's unique low cost & marketing strategies and tech experts tell that Xiaomi is definitely becoming a huge threat to Smartphone giants Samsung & Apple. To make this competetion much more tougher, Xiaomi launched it's new flagship product Mi Notewhich is being compared by tech experts as a big challenge to Apple iPhones & Samsung galaxies. Even Xiaomi CEO at Mi Note Product launch said that "Our phone is lighter, thinner, narrower and shorter than the iPhone 6 Plus". 
Let us debate; What are the Favourable points and also Obstacles for Xiaomi to reach Top 1 Spot in Smartphone Market.

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