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Xiaomi Mi Note Hands On Review

As we all know, except for Redmi Note, Mi flagship devices have never had a screen bigger than 5 inchs. Some people prefer smaller screens since it's easier to operate with one hand, while others like big screens to bring them more amazing user experience. Therefore the great Mi Note has come to the world! 

Xiaomi had its annual launch event at the Beijing National Convention Center on Jan. 15th, 2015, at which its new flagship device Mi Note was released. Here's a very first hands - on review of this brand new product. 

Mi Note represents the begining of a new Xiaomi devices branch. Devices of this branch will bring users the best big screen device user experience.

Mi Note sizes: 155.1mm * 77.6mm * 6.95mm

Mi Note has the same steel frame as Mi 4, but the frame is spryed with the same color as the device, which gives it a more complete and elegant view.

On the top left corner is the Mi logo as all the Mi devices. The light & distance sensor, headphone and front camera are aligned on the top nicely. 

At the bottom are the three Android physical keys with the latest Xiaomi touch buttons design. 

Mi Notes has a 5.7 inchs 1080p display, and uses OGS full-fit technology, brings the best display effect. Different with other Mi devices, Mi Note uses a 2.5D curved glass screen, it has a radiant on the edge of the screen, which enhanced user experience both visually and operationally. 

The back of Mi Note is simple without extra accessories. Compared with Mi 4, the back camera is moved to top left corner, and does not bluge. The back camera have cold/warm tones double flashlights, brings better white balance when shooting at night.

The back of Mi Note is not flat. It has a small curve on both left and right side. This way, the phone will fit better into users' hands. 

Mi Note frame has a spray the same color as the device main body. The frame also has irregular widths to adapt to the curved back: it's thinner in the middle, and becomes wider at the four corners. 

On the top, there's a 3.5mm headphone socket and noise suppression microphone. At the bottom, there's speaker and USB socket. 

source: miuiForum

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