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Xiaomi in 2014- TOP 10 Achievements

Year 2014 is now drawing to a close. It has been an excellent year for Xiaomi with its record breaking sales, international expansion and not to mention the legion of fans they have accumulated worldwide. Having said that, it is with pleasure from all of us in the News Team to present to you, a six part recap of what has been an exciting and vibrant year 2014. This series of recap will be released throughout these 2 weeks, part by part. So sit back, relax and enjoy the News Team’s Ultimatum of the Year!

Today we are covering Xiaomi achievements in 2014:

2014 is a wonderful year for Xiaomi.On Feb 19th Xiaomi President Bin Lin speaks about Xiaomi's expansion and 2014 Goal with Wall Street Journal's Deborah Kan.Check out the video here.

"Xiaomi to sell 40 million smartphones in 2014" says Bin Lin

So lets see the achievements by Xiaomi in 2014.

1. 26.11 Million Mi Phones Sold in H1 2014

On July 2014,Xiaomi founder and CEO Lei Jun announced that Xiaomi sold 26.11 million phones in first half of 2014, with a revenue of 33 billion RMB. It's a 271% growth on phone sold, and 149% growth on revenue compare to first half of 2013.Xiaomi sold 18.7 million smartphones in 2013, up 160 percent from a year earlier and more than its initial target of 15 million devices.

2. Xiaomi overtook Samsung to become top smartphone vendor in China in Q2 2014
Now research firm, Canalys, has offered up even more evidence of Xiaomi’s popularity.In the second quarter of 2014, it found that Xiaomi recorded a 14 percent market share in China on the back of 240 percent year-on-year growth, overtaking Samsung in terms of volume of smartphones. This was the first time Samsung slid to second place in China since Q4 2011 and came after a 15 percent year-on-year decline.

Xiaomi led China’s second-quarter smartphone shipment rankings with 14% market share, following by Samsung, Lenovo and Yulong each with 12%. It’s quite a jump from the first quarter, when Xiaomi’s 10.7% market share trailed Samsung’s 18.3% and Lenovo’s 11%. And an even bigger leap from a year ago, when Xiaomi only held 5%.

3. Xiaomi ships 19 million smartphones during Q3 2014Xiaomi has revealed that the Chinese-based Android OEM shipped 19 million smartphones during Q3 2014.The announcement proves that Xiaomi, which made $5 billion in sales from 26 million phones shipped in the first two quarters of 2014, is a company on the up.As I mentioned above,Bin Lin says Xiaomi to sell 40 million smartphones in 2014 and now it crossed the goal.The company has set a shipment goal of 40 million for 2014, but as of June 2014 had already shipped 45 million handsets.

4. Xiaomi Customer Service Center Won 2014 National Best Voice Prize in China
According to China National CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Xiaomi Customer Service Center (Domestic/ Overseas) has been awarded the Best Voice of China as the representative from Mobile Internet industry.

Xiaomi Customer Service Center, which was established in 2001, is now staffed with more than 2000 customer service representatives. The Customer Service Center is currently offering online and phone service in 6 languages, including Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Malay and other 2 languages. Customers who have queries about their Mi products can contact our representatives via Hotline, Web Chat, Weibo, WeChat etc.

5. Xiaomi Ranks No.6 Most Admired Company in 2014 in Fortune China

Xiaomi Ranks No.6 Most Admired Company in 2014 in Fortune China.This year, Xiaomi rose 5 places to take the No.6 spot in the list from last year's No.11.

6. Xiaomi Rises to No. 3 in Global Smartphone Market
Xiaomi has emerged as the world's third-largest smartphone maker just four years after it was established.It sold 5.7 million smartphones in 2012, 18.7 million in 2013, and 11 million in the first quarter and 15.1 million in the second quarter this year, gaining it the No. 5 spot. According to market researcher Strategy Analytics, 14.6 million out of the 15.1 million smartphones Xiaomi sold in the second quarter were in China.

IDC reports that smartphone vendors shipped 327.6m devices in Q3 2014, indicating in 25.2% growth when compared to the 261.7m units shipped in Q3 2013, and 8.7% sequential growth above the 301.3m units last quarter.

7. Mi 3 Ranks 7th on Most searched tech device of the year 2014 in India

Google has released its Year of Search 2014 statistics,where it include top trends from across the world and for individual countries, including India.Xiaomi's Mi3 ranks 7th most searched tech device in India.We have also see Xiaomi trending many times in facebook too.

8. Mi TV 2 is awarded for Red Star Design Award 2014
Mi TV 2, a new smart TV that promises to shake pricing conventions was awarded Red Star Design Award 2014.This award represents the best local design of a product and has a nick as " China's Oscar Award ".

9. Most Talked Topic on Facebook in India in 2014

Xiaomi's India debut has come out as one of the most discussed topics on Facebook.Xiaomi entered the Indian market in July 2014 with its then flagship Mi3 smartphone. The company since then has launched three budget smartphones in India alongside a couple of accessories. By dint of cheaper but critically-acclaimed devices, the three-year-old Xiaomi has become one of the world's largest smartphone manufacturers.

10. Xiaomi Mi Box won Good Design Award! Reply to win a Mi Box

Xiaomi Mi Box won good design award from GDA.The purpose of this GDA is to pick out the best design out of the many products in the market for it to serve as a role model and inspiration for design teams out there to create more innovative designs.A big cheers to Xiaomi designers.

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