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Why Xiaomi New Flagship smartphone Mi Note pro is so much costly ?

After the launch on 15th of January, many users asked: Why a 3299 RMB Flagship?
Lei Jun Answered: It's simply because our users need it.

Lei Jun stated three points that led to the decision of selling this device:

" Firstly, Xiaomi is now the choice of consumers in the electronics market in China, Xiaomi sold 61.12 million smartphones in 2014 solely, equivalent to an average of one Xiaomi smartphone in every 20 people. Such an immense number of sales clearly depicts the user group of Xiaomi has expanded from enthusiasts to general users and high end community. When the user group has expanded, demand and purchasing capabilities increases and diversifies.

Secondly, consumers demand better overall satisfaction; besides top-of-the-line specs craved by enthusiasts and high price-to-spec ratio demanded by general consumers, better aesthetics and hands-on feel are more preferred by users. Xiaomi therefore strives to satisfy the demands of users,throwing in resources for the best designs and quality whilst providing the best hardware on the market to truely live up to the enthusiast level.

In the race for unique design, countless efforts were thrown in to perfect the product, from the metal frame to the curved glass top and bottom, especially the first-in-class 3D curved glass back of high production cost. We're still going for high price-to-spec ratio even when we have to sell devices at 3299 RMB with a minimal profit margin. Xiaomi strives to provide the best spec and price-to-spec ratio for every price point, as it is the modus operandi and principle of Xiaomi. It was never an easy path, designing and making the Mi Note took Xiaomi two years.

Xiaomi adheres to their principle since the very beginning - to provide user with enthusiast level products. Installed in the very heart of the Mi Note are a mobile Hi-Fi system, back snapper with OIS and big aperture, front snapper that features large pixels. The Mi Note Pro even features the most powerful octacore 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC combined with 4GB LPDDR4 RAM, 64GB eMMC 5.0 ROM, 2K display and CAT 9 FDD-LTE. All of these hardware, packed in a package sold with minimal profits.

Xiaomi Mi Note will be the kickstarter of Xiaomi in 2015, and the company will climb to a higher peak; to reach a further milestone; to provide products perfected till the limits of human capabilities and to establish cooperative relationships with other companies. All this, to make your home smarter, easier, faster and more fun."

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