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Mi Key :detailed review

Few Months back xiaomi released a very interesting and useful teeny tiny gadget MiKey!!! How this can't be the part of my xiaomi collection ;) so i buy it along with some other accessories. Its so cheap (5 RMB-less than a US Dollar). 

It makes your phone more useful and gives you an extra highly customizeable button in the place of Head Phone jack. Its also have a sleave which comes in different colores and can be snaped to headphone wire to avoid misplacing the MiKey when its not in use.

This is how MiKey looks like (More Pictures at the bottom of the post)

Mikey inside the sleeve (More colors are available for sleeve)

MiKey with Xiaomi Piston  headphones

This button can be used for
  • Take pictures
  • Start Video recording
  • Turn On the Tarch
  • Start Audio recording
  • Scan 2D Code
  • Make a call to a slected number
  • Send a particular SMS to a selected number
  • Open folder of 4 selected apps
  • Launch any App from the phone.

Also there are few system toggle settings which can also directly be applied by the clicks of the button.

System toggle settings
  • Screen shot
  • Screen Rotation
  • Kill all Tasks
  • Phone Lock
  • Home
  • Silent Mode toggle

Thats pretty long list is'nt it ????; But how many of these can be used at the same time ?  10 of any of these functions can be used at the same time

So there are 
10 number of clicks which can be configured 

For example 
  • Single Click -> Take a picture
  • Double Click -> Open QQ Mobile app
  • Tripple Click -> Call Home Number 

and so on upto ten clicks


Oh I forgot to mension that in order to use and configure the MiKey you need to install a free app from xiaomi app store namee MiKey (米建, mijian). This App is in chinese but there is also a translated version of the app (Mikey English) . There is also an other app english app Klick which can be downloaded from playstore. This app aslo work with Mikey but functionality is a little different.

Some people might have problem with the mutiple click interval and phone might be miscalculating your number of clicks but you can fix this problem by opening MiKey App then Settings (Top right corner) and then changing the clicks interval to your liking.

MiKey Functionality when phone is locked/screen is off 

  • Even when phone is locked it can still take pictures (older pictures are not visible so no security breach)
  • turn ON the torch
  • But most of the other function you need to unlock phone by yourself

So here are some picture of the MiKey to give you the idea of the look and size of the device.

The MiKey Envelope


The MiKey Size Comparison





I have Both (actually Three ;) ) types of xiaomi Piston head phones so here you can see how MiKey sleeve can snap to the different headphones. Because of the white color of the sleave it really look great with the white piston head phones.



So guys i hope you like this tiny device with a lot of functionality!!!

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