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Difference between Accelerometer , Compass ,Gyros or Gyroscope


The main function of accelerometer is to sense the changes in the orientation of smartphone with respect to datum and adjust the orientation to suits the viewing angle of operator. For example, when you are looking for web-page with increased width, you can get this landscape view from changing the orientation of phone to horizontal. Similarly camera mode also changes the portrait to landscape or landscape to portrait mode when we change the orientation of phone/camera. Ultimately this accelerometer sensor sense the change in orientation by 3D (X,Y & Z axis) measurement of acceleration of the device with respect to free fall. One can better use this feature/sensor while playing racing games where he/she can steer the car in the desired direction by leaning the phone in that direction.


We all know that the function of compass is to give right direction with respect to the north-south pole of earth by use of magnetism. But due to interference in communication, smartphone does not use the magnet as one of the component in compass sensor but it uses new technology which does the same work as conventional compass does. If ultra low frequency signal coming from specific direction like North or South and with the help of accelerometer, the sensor can calculate the orientation and direction. This can be possible by 'Hall effect'. Thus, by use of multiple sensors put across different orientation and using disk/magnetic concentrator (with high permeability material)which bends the lines of magnetic field which are parallel to the plane of sensor plane this can be attained.

Gyros or Gyroscope

This sensor's function is to maintain and control the position, level or orientation based on the principle of angular momentum. When 'Gyros' used along with accelerometer senses motion from six axes i.e. right, left, up, down, forward and backward. It also detects the roll, pitch and yaw motions. Yaw, Roll and Pitch are the angular moments seen from three axes i.e. X, Y and Z. Using MEMS(Micro Electrical and Mechanical System) technology, (iPhone 4 uses this technology) gyroscopic sensors helps in navigation purpose and detecting the gesture recognition systems used in Redmi Note 3G.

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