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All about MiUI 6

  • MIUI started with 100 dedicated fans in August 2010
  • The first 100 fans, who registered in the MIUI forum had their name burnt into miui V1.0 rom
  • started with 100 dedicated users, MIUI now has over 85 Million users world wide.
  • On average MIUI users spend 7% more time on apps than ios users.
  • MIUI users are in over 112 countries, translated to 30+ languages, 30+ fan sites all over the world.
  • MIUI 6 is now coming to India
  • MIUI is very well known for two things. Customisation and Security
  • 5 Pillars of MIUI 6 Colour, Motion, Content, Customisation, and Security
  • MIUI 6 has Fluid Animation, beautiful iconography and Motion graphics on icons
  • Calls are now showns in floating notification without disturbing the content you are working in
  • In MIUI 6, notification are displayed according to their importance.
  • Unimportant notifications are tucked away neatly by displaying three dots.
  • Mail app in MIUI 6 supports over 1,20,000 Email domains
  • Recents menu now has App previews and users can swith between both views easily.
  • Mater Blaster is the most popular theme in india with over 80k Downloads.
  • You can make custom theme by mixing icons,lockscreens, wallpapers etc. from different themes.
  • Over 8000 new themes were submitted to theme store in 2014. 328% growth year over year.
  • Over 2 billion themes were downloaded in 2014 wordwide. 233% growth year over year.
  • MIUI 6 will be available to Mi3, Redmi Note 4G in early february and to redmi 1s , redmi note during late march.

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