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Xiaomi is Diversifying Its Product Line: seems want to be smart homemaker

Smartphones are what Xiaomi is best known for, it is the third largest in the world based on shipment numbers, but the company has a growing line of other products too.

In addition to this air purifier, it offers $20 routers, a blood pressure measurement kit, a smart TV, a tablet device, battery packs, lighting bulb and a fitness band among others tech gizmos. It seems likely we’ll be able to add ‘smartwatch’ to that list too, sometime soon.


That expansion is no coincidence or mere dalliance. The company is very much out to diversify its product range and reuse its business formula in other areas.

Our partner site Technode reported recently that Xiaomi wants to mimic its success with its Mi smartphones with other hardware. It has already invested and partnered with a range of companies — including U.S. hardware startup Misfit most recently — and it reportedly has the funding and interest to pursue other strategic investments and acquisitions outside of smartphones.

So, Xiaomi is like Apple? Or Amazon? Or Samsung ? Or perhaps someone else…?

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