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Unlocking Device - MiBand Vs Apple Touch ID

Image courtest @Atyant

As many of you know, technology gets updated as we speak to bring better experience to the end users, Like faster and smoother and so on. While in the process of updation each brand finds a way to please its brand loyal customers. 

In today's topic lets take a moment to to evaluate a simplistic thing like screen unlock would be a break through for ease of operations.

Mi Band a "One Band to Rule Them All Mi Devices" that includes counting your stepsand tracking your sleep patternsfunctioning as an alarm clock, and lasting 30 days on a full charge. Comes with a killer feature: It's an identification band for smart devicesJust wearing your Mi Band is enough to unlock your device without keying in a code.  It's something we'll also see when Google's Android L update arrives, allowing any smartphone and any Bluetooth LE device to do this. However, this functionality will be extended in time, so that the Mi Band could be used, say, to unlock your door when you come home, or switch on smart appliances and other gadgets.

On the other hand Apple's Touch ID protects your iPhone or iPad by allowing access only through your fingerprint. Touch ID requires you to register your fingerprint by pressing the Home button several times. Once the feature is activated, you then need to press the Home button anytime you wish to unlock your device. The feature can also come into play if you wish to buy something through the iTunes or App Store. But the the biggest hassle with Touch ID and the pass code is turning them on and off & wish Apple had a quicker and more accessible way of turning the security on and off. 

Neither of them are bad with exemplary functions which out matches one another in all parameters. In the end it all boils down to individual choices of users like you and me.

Share your thoughts what makes you think is good or better option. Should MIUI 6 have this feature too?

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