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unboxing and quick impressions of Redmi Note Indian version

Redmi Note - 3G version - Unboxing and
First Impressions

first impressions is as follows:

Its a brilliant 5.5 incher with an amazing formfactor powered by the MK 1.7GHZ octacore chipset that will ensure all the gaming and video viewing is butter smooth and flawless. What more, the 13MP camera generates some brilliant pictures and the front 5MP shooter is nothing less. For the price of 8,999 INR on this 3G version that runs on a DUAL sim and 8GB of internal memory and 32GB microSD support, you couldn't have asked for more! highly recommend this device and will be back with a very detailed video in the next few days.

In the comments below, do leave any thoughts you had and also questions you may have on the Redmi Note and I shall answer to all of em and I will be back with the detailed video after a week of using the Redmi Note and take the poll to tell us if you are in for the Redmi Note 

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