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One-handed Operations(OHO) for MIUI 6

Fellow MIUIers,

Big screens on smartphones seem to be the order of the day. While it definitely brings ease of reading and better viewing experiences, there poses a problem too: difficulty to use it using one hand. Unless you have big hands, it's pretty hard to move your thumb across the whole screen of a Mi3 or Mi4. Now, you don't have to fear that problem anymore!

Introducing One-handed Operations(OHO) for MIUI 6

MIUI 6 is incorporated with a "small screen mode" for one hand operations. Activating it will cause the display to be "squeezed" into a 3.5 inch display, which is the optimal screen size that does not affect the usability. There's no toggles to press to enable this feature, everything is done via capacitive buttons below the screen.

Pressing the Home Button then swipe onto the Back Button will activate OHO on the right side.

Swiping to the left will activate OHO on the left, so left-handers does not feel left-out

Swiping to either side again will disable it.

Working? Gaming? It's never been easier!

Between Apple's approach of half a screen and Xiaomi's pick of a smaller screen, which do you prefer?

What do you think of this feature? Share your thoughts down below and drop some ratings if you think this is helpful.

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