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MiPhone Anti-Fake Identifier Released for Public(Stable Version)

What's new in this stable version?

1. More MiPhones series are supported:Mi 1series, Mi 2 series, Mi 3 series, Mi 4(wcdma version), Redmi, Redmi 1S, Redmi Note
(Note: Redmi Note--4G version, Mi TV, MiPad are not supported so far)

2. More stable, more accurate

Download:  antifake_10024_00.apk (909.27 KB, Downloads: 3127) 
(Sorry for only Chinese official version is available, so you can download the unofficial English version translated by helloansuman:)
Unofficial English version download:
(Big thanks to helloansuman again)


1.What's Xiaomi Smartphone Anti-Fake?
It's an app made by Xiaomi Company, aiming to identify authentic Xiaomi Smartphones from fakes.

2. What devices can it identify now?
It can identify Xiaomi Smartphones like Mi 1/1S, Mi 2/2A/2S, Mi 3, Redmi 1/1S, Redmi Note
(Note: Mi Pad and Mi TV are not supported so far)

3. Is the identification accurate?
Co-operated with Antutu Company, Xiaomi Smartphone Anti-Fake tries to make sure the accuracy of data using multi-identifying method. But it is still in the stage of public test, the result is for reference only.

4. Where to download?
Please go to to download!
 antifake_10022.apk (908.36 KB, Downloads: 4525)

It's suggested to switch to Performance from Balanced in Power settings(Settings--Battery)
All necessary permissions are needed to open to make sure the identification accurate.

App Review of Xiaomi Smartphone Anti-Fake Identifier

1. Download the apk file to your files of SD card from the official website or directly from this thread
    (When you install, only Chinese name(小米鉴定) will be shown, do not feel confused)

2. Launch and comes the Welcome page:

3. Identifying, click Identify Now

4. Check the result:

Share the result and Detailed Configuration
(For the detailed configuration, it's different based on different devices, so I skip the translation)

What do you think of this app? Amazing or not? 

Check the unofficial English Version here
Big thanks to helloansuman

XIAOMI haven’t named this app internationally yet. What should we call it? Mi Anti-fake Identifier? Please help MI come up with some cool names.

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