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Xiaomi Mi 5 : Review and experience with Comparision Mi Note

We Are very sure everyone that every one excited with the launch of the new flagship Mi5, and very eager to get 1 set. The online sales on was also INSANELY fast, sold out within 5 minutes shortly it opened for sale at 10:00am (+8GMT Beijing). There was much disappointment for many Mi fans, whom didnt managed to get hold of 1 set. Well, if you haven't managed to order one, don't sulk over it. (Always believe something good is going to happen!)

Well, let us bring you on the journey to admire this INSANELY FAST& UNSHAKABLE Mi 5. ( review and experience will be made reference to the Mi Note,).

[First Look]

Mi 5, on the left, & Mi Note, on the right. And in the Center, it is my handwriting!

Going into the Settings, This is the Mi 5 32GB model

Continuing to examine the Mi 5 in details

From the bottom view first, the front fingerprint scanner , which is also the 'Home' button. It comes with Type C USB port, and the 4 holes at both sides are the speakers

From the top, we have the standard 3.5mm line out/speaker jack port, and the IR Blaster in the center

There is no photo of the back, the Mi 5 32GB has the same 3D glass material as the Mi Note. Just a teaser, the elegant white Mi 5 with the Silver/White Mi Headphones.

[Comparison with Mi Note]

I believe everyone had seem numerous 'solo' photo of the Mi 5 only, but you might be wondering how does it compare to other Mi device? Well, the followings photos will be a comparison of the Mi 5 with the Mi Note.

Both Mi 5 (left) and Mi Note (Right) placed side-by-side. The differences in sizes is quite obvious.

Now, both placed on top of each other, to compare the thickness, it is pretty much the same thickness.

While still placed top-to-top, and reference from the top, the differences is quite obvious. Holding the Mi 5 in my hands, just feel 'small'. Maybe I'm too used to the Mi Note size!

Now to the side view, notice the size bezel is extremely thin, the touchscreen is almost at the edge of the Mi 5. Outlook and feel of the side Volumer rocker and Power buttons almost look and feel similar.

On on the other side, not much differences to scream about, the SIM card tray slot.

Last but not least, from the top view, taking reference from the bottom of both Mi 5 & Mi Note.

[Comparison with Mi 4 & Mi Note]

After comparing with the Mi Note, you might be wondering how does it compare with the other flagship Mi devices. So now, let us compare them side-by-side with Mi 4 too!

From the right to left, we have the Mi 4, Mi Note & of course the distinctive, Mi 5.

A look at the bottom of the flagships Mi devices, do you think it has evolve ?

And from the top comparisons.

[Final Words]

After the initial hands-on and comparison the outlook with the Mi Note & Mi 4, the Mi 5 is definitely for those who wants to fit a smart device into their hands comfortably, and also to operate with 1 hand only. For the gentleman, it will fit into your front pocket of your jeans neatly and comfortably. While for the ladies, it's slenderness, slimness and 'featherly -light' weight, it will fit in nicely into your small purse, handbags, and of course, in your hands.!

Well, what really impressed me, are as follows

  • 4-axis OIS: I hold both Mi 5 & Mi Note, in both left & right hand, put into Video recording mode. I did couple of shakes left and rights on both hands, the Mi 5 really surpasses in this aspect, while on the Mi Note , the video recording also shakes are you shake your hands. And to highlight, the Mi 5, which uses PDAF, auto focus and 'lock' on to the subject much accurately and faster, than compare to the Mi Note!

  • Full functional NFC: This is the first ever NFC-enabled Mi device, and it offer ful NFC functionalities (e.g. READ/WRITE mode). I done a NFC, "Android Beam", to another NFC- device, it work like a charm and in a breeze. There is no need to do additional settings to pair &/or sync! It is really amazing!

  • Front finger print scan: Although this is not the first Mi device to have this capabilities, BUT, it is wonderfully integrated together with the front 'HOME' button. For those whom dont know about the new Mi 5, the 'HOME' button WILL just feel it is only a 'HOME' button!

I had only done a initial hands-on , and more detailed review will come shortly in future. So please, stay tuned!

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