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All about Xiaomi Mi Note : FAQ, spec, issues & solution

1, Q: MI note screen and effect?
A: MI Note version comes with full HD Retina screen from Sharp / JDI's, 95% of the NTSC colour brings ultra-high colour saturation, naturally can restore more realistic colours.
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2, Q: Does MI Note supports NFC and infrared capabilities?
A: The answer is NOT supported, MI does not support the above functions, support for Bluetooth 4.1, Bluetooth HID isavailable and also supports 2.4GHz / 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi, it also supports Wi-FiDisplay.

3, Q: What are the characteristics of MI Note design?
A: MI Note comes with a metal frame and double curved glass design, with 2.5D curved glass front panel and 3D curved glass rear panel. Aluminium arc extremely narrow in the box, the thinnest is at only 4.1mm, the perfect arc incoming side bringing unparalleled grip andultimate technology experience.

4, Q: Network supported by Mi Note?
A: MI Note supports dual sim and dual standby and supports both FDD and TDD dual 4G, 5-mode 15-band, support China Mobile and China Unicom's 2G / 3G / 4G network. Support Micro and Nano SIM card.
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5, Q: What is the camera OIS optical image stabilization?
A: The camera of MI Note uses OIS (optical imagestabilization technology) that can move through tiny gyroscope to detect cameraphone, and the signal is transmitted to the anti-shake IC to calculate theamount of displacement to be compensated, and then push the lens by a voice coil motor to perform image stabilization, which effectively overcome the image produced by the vibration of the camera blur.
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6, Q: What are the benefits of flash colour temperature?
A: MI Note uses the Philips flash colour temperature,with up to 93 CRI. The colour of an object can highly be reduced in natural light, the two flash light is used with different colour temperatures so thatthe light balance, get mixed with the shooting scene relatively consistent colourscreen, so in low light we can get clear picture and more precise shoot.
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7, Q: What are the characteristics of the front camera?
A: MI Note front 4.0 megapixel camera comes with a large pixel camera, a single pixel size is 2μm, larger pixel area brings better imaging and night shooting results less in noise and more clean details.

8, Q: What are the characteristics of MI Note HiFi system ?
A: Mi Note make the use of MI ESS ES9018K2Mindustry's top independent audio decoder chip, with up to 127dB dynamic rangeand ultra-ultra high distortion -120dB.The industry's top two op-amp chip,perfectly straight push 600 ohm high impedance headphones. Audio optimization and tuning with professional audio division of 20 rigorous tests conducted in the underlying Android.
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9, Q: What is coprocessor role?
A: MI Note added Sensor Hub co-processor, designed to deal with the acceleration sensor, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor operation,effectively reducing the power consumption of mobile CPU to offer phone morepower.
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10, Q: MI Note battery capacity?
A: MI Note at a thickness of only 6.95mm body is been packed up with 3000mAh battery, decreasing 8.5%. 4.4V compared to the high-voltage battery of MI 4 to enhance energy density by 6.3%.

11, Q: MI Note pro version configuration?
A: MI Note pro version uses the most powerful mobile processor chip at present which is none other than Qualcomm Snapdragon 810. It uses 4 * Cortex A57 + 4 * Cortex A53 64 Bit Octa core architecture processor based on 20nm process technology. The new graphics chip i.e. Adreno430 give performance boost up to 80% and 50% power reduction when compared to Adreno330. Support LTE-Cat9 ultra-high-speed network, the maximum theoretical downlink speeds of up to 450Mbps, with unprecedented 4GB LP-DDR4 memory to support Apps and 2K (515PPI)very clear display.
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12, Q: Does It Support MHL? ( Asked by @yeahyohoh) A: Mi Note Does Not Support This Function ( Source ) . Officially No Statement about this :).

13, Q: Support For external SD card? ( Asked By@haybat)
A: No !! There's No support for external micro sd card :).

14, Q: Support For OTG? ( Asked by @sameer_farms :p)
A: yes !! Xiaomi Has kept the tradition of providing The OTG support to the flagship device :) Even low end device such as redmi 1s has OTG support.

15, Q: Does Mi Note and Mi Note pro come with metalic frame and is there a glass instead of plastic on rear panel? (Asked by : @agarmen2014)
A: Yes is the ans :) there’s a metallic rim around the sides and the back camera and the rare (back) has gorilla glass 3 as per the official statement and from the reliable sources :).

16, Q: Is there notification light(LED) On Mi Note ? (Asked by: @ha33ori)
A: Yes Mi note has a notification light(LED).

17, Q: Mi Note pro Launch Date? (Asked by: @FlightTribe)
A: Possibly in march(as per the update that i have).

18, Q: How to root Mi Note? (Asked by: @toutpi)
A: refer this post for complete tutorial :)

19, Q: Will They have IR blaster Function? (Asked by: @ll_Padrino)
A: NO!!!!

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