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why Xiaomi Will not release the Supermini Mi Car ; Explained !!

Recently we have been hearing rumors about an upcoming car from Xiaomi called as the Xiaomi ‘Mistla’. 

Mi Car
The reports said that the Chinese giant, Xiaomi was planning to release its own car for a very affordable price tag of $6400. However, we don’t think that company is ready to expand into making something as big as a car.

Here’s are a few reasons why we don’t think Xiaomi will release a car called ‘Mistla’ anytime soon.
1: The rumor was initially posted on wechat at 10th December, and from the screenshot below we can see it got 100000+ views till right now, and after 2 days, it’s been published on My’s alexa rank is 1874, it’s a second class press website in China, the news is not spreading to sites like, and, the first class press websites.
 And if we search the title of the article “小米汽车内部代号米斯拉 我这算传谣吗?” in the largest online search engine “”, we will find Xiaomi’s fans also re-posted the article to Xiaomi’s official forum “”
The article was initially posted at here, but after you clicked this url, you will see the screenshot below, and the translation of the Chinese is “The post has been removed or under review”.
So even Xiaomi’s official forum is preventing people fromp gossiping about the “Mistla” supermini car. Do we still have the reason to believe it’s true?
3: Back on 5 April 2014Xiaomi’s CEO Leijun has outrightly said that Xiaomi has no plans to make electric cars right now. And to produce a car takes time, it’s impossible to make a team for cars and start producing in several months without letting people know.
4.  Finally, its practically impossible to create an electric car for 39,999 Yuan or just $6400, atleast at the moment. Batteries are costly as well as the technology to make it road friendly. So, you can’t just make a good quality electric car for such a low amount.
As you can see, we have our reasons to believe Xiaomi’s Mistla doesn’t exist. Just because someone said that Xiaomi was working on a car, it doesn’t mean it’s true. So, unless you see some hard evidence, or at least a sizeable leak, don’t go around thinking that Xiaomi ‘Mistla’ actually exists


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