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Redmi Note 3G/4G : [ Hardware ] & [ Software ] problem & solution


How do you wipe system or upgrade the system? Redmi Note non-4G version supports OTA upgrade card brush in two ways:
1.OTA way: After connecting WIFI, click the menu button - System Settings - All Settings - About phone - System updates detected after upgrading to the new version, click OK;
2 card brush way: Log download Red Mika brush bag, place the red meter SD card. Click on the menu button - System Settings - all settings - system updates - Menu key - select the installation package, select the SD card in the card brush pack, wait for Brush to be completed.

Redmi Note shows undetectable OTA update, what do I do? If you can not detect the new version Redmi Note networking upgrade, we recommend that you can try to solve using the following ways:
1 If you are currently connected to the case of data traffic and unable to detect the new version, you can enter the system updates, click the menu button - Detect Settings - View "check for updates only WLAN under" whether it is turned on;
2 We suggest that you try to change the other WIFI environment before clicking system update attempt again. If you still can not detect the new version, you can download the card brush package, manual card system to the latest brush. Before brushing machine, it is recommended that you do a data backup.

Is Redmi Note 4G mobile version able to support open wire brush? How to wire brush? Redmi Note 4G mobile open wire brush can be used directly MiFlash Brush tool Brush, Brush Method:
1, any brush may have risks. Before the brush, it is recommended that you backup, it is recommended to copy the backup files to an external SD card or via Xiaomi mobile assistant backup.
2, Download Redmi Note 4G mobile version of the package and wire brush Brush tool, download address:
3, Extract Brush package, install the Brush tool.
4, the phone into fastboot mode (off, press and hold the volume down + power button), plug the data cable to the computer
5, select the Brush Pack, start brushing machine, because Redmi Note 4G mobile version is a single system, brush machine faster, 50-100s can brush machine to complete. Redmi Note 4G mobile wire brush by default does not clear the phone data.
You can also log into, and follow the Redmi Note wire brush graphical tutorials


How to identify the authenticity of my Redmi Note device?
You can log on the official website of Xiaomi - services - through "mobile phone security code query" to do phone verification. If you have trouble validating or verifying the result, you can also bring the phone to the nearest Xiaomi authorized repair point for verification.
Currently the official website of Xiaomi, Xiaomi Lynx flagship stores and operators formal channels Xiaomi phones purchased are authentic, we recommend that you can buy through the above channels.
Redmi Note often hangs in the middle of running, what do I do? Mobile hanging may be a variety of reasons, such as large phone's RAM in use, too much background RAM to run the program, or mobile security software conflicts. You can try the following operations:
1 clean out daemon or restart the phone, (methods of operation: long press home key to remove unwanted programs running);
2 in the phone's settings - all settings - electricity - electricity usage in CPU power saving mode off;
3 off or uninstall security software category and battery type;
4 upgrade phone firmware to the latest version;
5 If the situation remains serious, we recommended that you back up the data before restoring factory settings.

What network standard does Redmi Note support? Can you use telecommunications card? At present, the introduction of Redmi Xiaomi Note models were: Redmi Note mobile version, Redmi Note Unicom version, Redmi Note Mobile 4G and Redmi Note Unicom version of 4G.
Redmi Note mobile version supported network standard is: support for China Mobile 3G (TD-SCDMA) and China Mobile, China Unicom 2G (GSM) network;
Redmi Note Unicom version supports network standard as follows: support China Unicom 3G (WCDMA) and China Mobile, China Unicom 2G (GSM) networks. "
Redmi Note 4G mobile network standard is supported: Support China Mobile 4G (TD-LTE), 3G (TD-SCDMA) and China Mobile, China Unicom 2G (GSM) network;
Redmi Note Unicom version supports 4G network standard is: support China Unicom 4G (FDD-LTE, TDD-LTE), 3G (WCDMA) and China Mobile, China Unicom 2G (GSM) network;


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