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miui OS vs stock andriod

Stock Android is a very useful, easy & intitutive OS for smart phones which destroyed the market for other mobile OS like Symbian etc.  It offers a lot of good features & innumerable free apps to make tasks easier.  MIUI goes a step furthur by making the OS highly customisbale by including various apps for day to day mobile maintenance, security & privacy in the OS itself.
MIUI provides :

1) Anti Virus - Keeps device safe from virus threat.
2) Blocklist - Blocks unwanted calls & messages.
3) Bug Reporter - Reports various device bugs, hanging problems & not responding issues directly to MI Team.
4) Cloud Space - Back ups device contacts, messages, photos, notes etc.
5) DND - Silences the device & avoids any disturbance due to calls & messages.
6) Guest Mode - Locks device & protects data from the preying eyes of others
7) iOS feel & look - Icon look & Menu display similar to that of iPhone.
8) Memory Cleaner - Cleans cache, ad & residual files to free device storage & frees RAM by closing running apps.
9) No Bloatwares - No unnecassary complimantery apps.
10) Permission Controller - Control app permissions.
11) QR Code Scanner - Scan QR codes to get information related to that code.
12) Theme Changer - Customise the device look & feel.
This all makes MIUI very interesting.  So enjoy your MIUI

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