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Mi Bluetooth Game Controller unboxxing & Review

The Unboxing

The very familiar colour and packaging. Although it is somewhat bigger than usual.

The back of the box stated the speck of the controller. It support Mi Box, MiTV, Miphones. Theorically speaking it should supports all Android based device.

The box has quite a depth which make it a little bit difficult to remove the box when pulling the cover from top.

Let me present to you, the Mi Bluetooth Game Controller. Once again i'm impress by this little piece of innovative device from Xiaomi.

Something is poping up right on top of the controller and it says "Mi Bluetooth Game Controller User Manual".

After pulling it out, you can see it is a small simple yet classy looking black pamphlet. There is a Mi logo right infront too.

Opening the pamphlet you will be able to see the button layout, and also the basic user guide about the controller.

A good product is not just only about quality, it is also the good after-sales service. From the phones to accessories, Xiaomi also strive to provide the best service and warranty to their customer.

The ergonomic desiegn of the box helps to keep the controller safe and stable during the delivery process and it is also design to be environment friendly as all Xiaomi product packaging been so far. It also comes with 2 battery and so the user do not need to buy on their own fro the first time.

The included battery are normal battery. It is advisable for user to purchase rechargable battery as that is more economical in a long run.

The black surface look simple but elegant too. The surface was sandblast and able to anti fingerprint. The overall feeling is smooth and comfortable too.

The D-pad and thumbsticks feel really smooth to navigate but it seem the D-pad is a little bit sinking too much.

The top of the thumbstick is rubber made while the bottom part is smooth surface like the D-pad. The movement of the thumstick is really smooth. It should complement games like shooting games, football, or racing games. Fighting games still best to use the D-pad.

The ABXY buttons are debossed, which mean carved into the buttons. This will avoid the usual print peeling off problem but it does feels a little bit uncomfortable on the thumb since you can clearly feel the uneven surface. Xiaomi take the design of this controller seriously too. The ABXY buttons are designed ergonomically whereby the center of the 4 buttons are slightly higher and then the buttons sink lower outwards. This is to enhance the comfortablility and smoothness of the buttons. A gamer who always do combos on fighting game should understand this.

The center of the controller are the Mi logo button which responsible for the connection and status while left and right are the return and menu key respectively. The white light on the Mi button looks beautiful too.

There are 4 buttons in total on theshoulder part as usual. Something to note is that the R2 & L2 button are deisigned differently. It feels like a linear control, whereby it feels like pressing down on a accelerator rather than a button-like feel. Not sure if the different pressure applied will result in different acceleration in racing game. 

Holding the controller really feels smooth and comfortable due to the ergonomic design and it doesn't feel awkward at all.

Although the gab between the top adn bottom part are closed tighly but if touch in detail, you will still feel some uneven and sharp end. Still, it do not affect the overall comfortability when holding it.

There are 2 hook/slot on top and at the bottom of the controller. This might be the slot for a phone handler/rack or some other new accessories in future. Let's look forward for it.

The batter slot at the back.

You can open it by pushing upwards, following the arrow direction.

You can clearly see the battery guide inside so it shouldn't be a problem in placing the battery correctly.
The ABS stated at the back of the battery slot cover shown that the shell is made of the ABS plastic material.

You will be able to see a Mi logo and also the serial number inside too.

Overall view of the unbox Mi Bluetooth Game Controller.

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The Pairing

Long press the Mi button till it blinks, then you can activate the bluetooth of your device and search for the controller ID.

Once you select to pair with the controller. The white light of the mi button will lit on accompany with a vibration to indicate successful pairing.

The blinking white colour MI button actually looks beautiful.

Game Test

Using the FC Emulator to test some classic games.

Succesfully sync and calibrate.

Overall tested on these classic and new games and the controller deliver the task beautifully.
The thumbstick is smooth but need some getting use to.
The D-pad is very similar to Xbox and so it is a little too low and tiring for sticking your thumb out for too long.

Fighting games like KOF which require heavy combo feels smooth and compatible perfectly too.

Asphalt 8 is one of the best racing game in the market and the thumbstick of the controller works perfectly fine with it.
The linear-control R2 button makes the overall control very exciting too.

Video Demo

Simple testing on 2 games from the Mi Game Center using MiBox.
The paring was easy and quick. Due to the special R2 & L2 button, you will not feel a distinctive click when you press down.
So it feels bit out of place when you are playing shooting game.

However, it feels really great when playing racing game as the controls are really smooth and nice.


Mi Bluetooth Game Controller is one of the best bluetooth controllers i had used. The compatibility with emulator or Android games works well and it can be used for PC controller too. The overall handling are comfortable and smooth too although there are some cons still.


  • Bluetooth connectivity is strong and stable. High compatibility and no lagging spotted so far.
  • Combination of PS and Xbox controller advantages, nice handling, smooth control and high sensitivity.
  • Weight and surface feels good to hold.
  • Highly compatible spec, no problem with any emulator, android or PC syncing.


  • No usb port, can't charge directly.
  • R2 & L2 button lack of distinctive click sometime feels like trigger spoilt especially on shooting games.

Let us all anticipate this cool gadget from xiaomi together.

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