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All The New Features and Tricks of Calendar in MIUI 6

Simplistic and minimalism seems to be the order of the day as Google and Apple both released their flat new UI sometime back with the Google Android L and Apple's refined iOS 8. Xiaomi sets out to not only follow the trend of vibrant, flat UI but to bring it to a whole new level by incorporating features into each system apps to make it not only an eye candy but something users just can't live without. This time, I am going to introduce to you the new Calendar, more simplistic and more feature-packed than ever.

The first thing you'll notice about the new Calendar App is its reskinned new look. It's the same red colour, still the two tone flip page look and the same white font, just that it's flat. 

As soon as you're in, you'll be greeted by a new interface, which is practically a rearrangement of everything except the main calendar plus a brand new Agenda list of the day below. Every element is shifted to new positions which, in my opinion, is much better and easier to use. Want to switch between Month, Week or Day view? Just Tap "M", "W" or "D" on the top right corner.


Feel like adding a new Agenda for today? Tap the "+" button below and you'll be brought to the entry interface which is not much of a difference from the one in V5. You still get the usual list of options and more with just one tap away under "More Options". Any agenda added will automatically be shown in the Agenda list for the day under the Calendar in Month View and there'll be a dot above the date. Swipe up the Agenda list on the Month View also shows the complete list of agendas for the day. The smileys on top of each day indicates the holidays in China, with the green smiling ones indicating rest days while the red, sad ones representing working days. 
Week view is improvised in V6. It shows the summary of all the event reminders set for that week and a grey region marks the time that has passed during the week. Similar to the Month View, swiping left or right brings you to the previous week or the next week. A purple column shows the agenda for that day.
Day View is practically same as week view, just that you only view any agendas for that day only. The ever-growing grey region is also present to tell you how much time has passed in that day. A purple banner will be on top to show you what's the agenda for the day.
When it's time for the scheduled agenda, there'll be a notification to tell you about it.
If you want to access an old agenda or forward to a future date, just press the three dot menu below and select "Jump to date" and scroll the menu for the particular date. 
You can also search for a particular agenda by selecting "Search" in the menu. There's also a "Refresh" button to, well, refresh the Calendar for new updates or agendas 
There's one thing emphasize on, that is the new interface while viewing an agenda which offers much more choices than on V5. Like what you usually see on Facebook when someone invites you to an event, you can set your attendance here too. Also, you can e-mail the guests and remind or inform them of the event. 
There are also some additional settings tucked under Settings in the Three Dot Menu
Along with an update to the main app, the Calendar widget also gets a treatment to suit the new app.
And here is the most wanted feature in all Calendar apps: Cloud Sync or email synchornization. 
So what do you think? Do leave a comment below to tell us what do you think. Feel free to give a thumbs up if this helps!

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