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Mi Weight Scale : Spec, review , price , Picture

We witnessed another round of product launches by Xiaomi, from the pink Mi Note to a 55" Mi TV, it's a day full of surprises! Amongst the list of new products which will soon be added to Xiaomi's line of smart home appliances will be a brand new Mi Weight Scale. How is it smart? We'll show you down below!

Ever seen a weighing scale that detects your increment in weight just after drinking a cup of water? This will be the first one around!

Don't think they are bluffing, their first ever smart balance developed with IYunMai boasts industrial leading accuracy.

Don't be afraid of breaking the elegant glass surface, it's extra hard tempered glass.

Woke up at night from a nightmare in which you became unbelievably fat or slim? Step on the scale and the LED display will show your normal weight!

An extension to the Mi Fit, the scale connects to your phone via Bluetooth, similar to your Mi Band, and shows all your health data on your phone.

Best package around, only RMB99 needed. If you have the spare money around, and you need a brand new smart health scale, why not buy one?

What do you think about this new Mi Weight Scale? Will you buy one given the chance? Join in the poll below and share your views down in the comments section!

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