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Mi Bluetooth Game Controller : Pic

Xiaomi unveiled a new game controller today that's designed to work with the companys own Mi Box and Mi TV and all Android phones & tablets. The not-very-snappily-named Xiaomi Bluetooth game controller will go out to the first 300 buyers for the special price of just 1 RMB (US$0.16) on September 25. No word yet on the regular price, which games will work with all those extra buttons, and which of many protocols the Bluetooth gamepad supports. The layout will be more familiar to Xbox users than fans of the PlayStation.

After initially starting out three years ago with a minimal line-up of one or two phones, the upstart brand soon started to diversify and pile on more products and accessories. The line-up now covers things like wi-fi routers, battery packs, and a set-top box.

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