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How to use MI phone when touchscreen is not responding??

Solution 1: USB OTG and Wireless Mouse Combo!

What you need: USB OTG cable and Wireless mouse (preferably a three-button scroll mouse)

So using a mouse, you can navigate and click anywhere on the screen much the same way you use your fingers to touch the screen.
Navigating is fairly easy, right click SELECTs items, left click work as a BACK button and middle click works as HOME key.

Some draw backs though:
- Typing is hell while using the mouse as you'd be clicking on each letter (unless you're using Swype keyboard or something similar, then typing becomes bearable)
- No multi-touch gestures here. Just plain, good 'ol fashion mouse swiping action.

Solution 2: Use a Mi-Key Oooops! Sorry. Wrong Mikey

Ahhh... there we go...

What you need:
- Mi-Key and Mi-Click app
Download Latest English Mi-Click App here:
So assuming you have a mi-key and MiClick installed, you can use the mi-key to simulate hardware keys or open/launch an application. here I used Mi-Key as a control panel/capacitive button. Then used the other clicks to open apps i usually use an need.

(Note: set your phone to go directly to homescreen from lock state. It'll save you the trouble of hooking up your mouse just to "swipe up to unlock")

You CAN'T do much with the Mi-Key alone though. it's very limited. but at least you have the power to open apps like the camera and shoot some pictures. or select the music player and entertain yourself to get your mind off your broken phone hehe.

Solution 3: Easy Touch
Download Easy Touch from here:

My phone's touchscreen wasn't totally useless as there's still a small part that responded to touch. (mark with the yellow "X") So I tried to find a way i can use that small real estate of touch, went to Google play and there I discovered Easy-Touch.

Easy touch is somewhat like the Assistive Touch found on iOS, but takes it a step further by giving you full customization.
Here i set it up to have the same layout  as the phone's capacitive buttons. I also placed an Apps and Settings shortcut in case i need to access both.

You can really do a lot of things with Easy Touch and its customization is superb. I recommend you try it even if your phone is working perfectly. You might just like it.

BTW, you need ROOT access for some function of Easy Touch to work. You also have to set permission for pop up notification to "ALLOW"

Solution 4: MiPhone Manager

What you need:
- A PC (Windows XP or higher)
- A USB cable and MiPhone Manager
Download the latest English MiPhone Manager here:

Did you know that Mi Phone Manager comes with an emulator (or remote play window or an I-use-it-but-I-don't-know-what's-it-called-thingy) where you can control you're phone with your PC's mouse and keyboard?

Just install Mi Phone manager and connect your phone to your computer. Then just click on the "Play" below the image of the phone in MiPhone Manager. Wait for it to load and viola! You can now completely control your phone.

The good thing about this setup is you wont have any trouble with typing, since you're using a full keyboard and the mouse just makes navigating your phone a breeze! Of course there are cons to this setup too, such as you can't remove it from the PC while your using it or the PC's screen is not so high resolution compared to your phone so pictures or images you view onscreen are a bit blurry.

There are still other ways you can control your phone without the need for touch but I didn't get to try. Like connecting a bluetooth keyboard and mouse or if your capacitive buttons are functional and a part of your screen is still functioning, use One Hand Mode.
You can try to combine any of the Solution I mentioned above and see what works for you. But ultimately you would have to choose to have it fixed or replaced.
I really hope you guys wont come to the point where you'd suffer the same fate as my Mi3, but if you do, then you know you can still use your phone even without touch. Always remember the saying:

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

So don't skimp on protection such as protective case and tempered glass. It just might save your phone's life!

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