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Which screen guard should I use? difference between the Glass protector and Plastic protector

We all love our phones a lot and want them to be in best of the shapes every time. The screen of the phone is the most used feature if you are using the current generation smartphones with touch screens. I like to protect the screen from scratches and hence use the screen protectors on it. There are many kind of screen protectors available in the market like the Clear screen, matte finish, plastic or tempered glass. So which should you buy and what's the difference between them. In this thread I will try to answer this question. 

What is the difference between the Glass protector and Plastic protector? 

Find below the difference betweent the two. 

Tempered Glass
This  would range from anywere between Rs 90 to Rs 500 max.
This  would start from around Rs 270 to Rs 2000 max
Very  thin and does not provide great protection to the screen and is useful only  for preventing scratches to the main screen
This  is toughned glass and is sturdier to use. It would be around .3mm in  thickness. Can withstand greater amount of pressure.
Generally  after few weeks of installation the feel of the screen guard starts to  deteriorate and you will feel that the original screen glass was much better
It  gives the same kind of feeling as that of the original screen as its also  glass.
This  is very hard to install and if done incorrectly you will have to buy another  screen protectors as they are not reusable.
Tempered  glass is very easy to install and if installed incorrectly, you can always  remove it and reinstall.
Max  life of the screen protector is 6 months but the effects of the screen guard  starts to detorirate right from 2 months onwards. Also it will start to loos  that perfect visibility that the original screen would have.
Life  of tempered glass is around 12 to 18 months. They are hard to scratch and the  visibility will not reduce for long.

Should I use screen protectors ?

Frankly people will argue that nowadays phones have Gorilla glass or any such type of scratch proof glass then why do we need screen protectors. I would say Yes, you need one. 
Orginal screen can still get scratch with keys or sand and to replace a screen will cost a bomb as compared to the screen protectors. Just of e.g My redmi 1s screen broke and the repair cost of the screen is Rs 4000 where as the cost of a tempered glass solution for Redmi 1s is only Rs 300. Also sometimes the phones do fall from our hand and the screen gets damaged (my Redmi 1s is an example) and this can be reduced if you have a tempered glass on the screen as then the tempered glass would take most of the force of the hit from the fall and prevent the screen on your smartphone to break. Hence I would say better safe than be sorry later. 

Which screen guard should I use? 

I don't suggest using cheaper screen guards or the plastic one too. I would rather use the Tempered glass screen protector as I have seen its benefits - Mi3 and Redmi 1s both fall from my hand. Redmi 1s has plastic screen guard and Mi 3 has tempered glass. Both fall face first on the road and Redmi 1s screen is shattered but not even a single scratch on my Mi 3 screen. I am happy that I had tempered glass on my phone's screen that day and also sad that I did not use tempered glass on Redmi 1s. There are lot of good branded Tempered glass solutions for most of the smart phones in the market today and only buy them. My fav are spigen and Nillkin tempered glass. 

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